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Magenticians is switching owners

As you might have noticed, activity on Magenticians has been dormant for a while now. This post is a quick heads-up of what will happen in the future.

When I started Magenticians in early 2014, even I wasn’t entirely sure what the plans were. Due to ongoing interest in the Magento platform and increased activity of Magento 2 development at the time, I thought it could be interesting to start a niche blog regarding Magento.

At that time, other than long time veterans such as Alan Storm, Atwix, Inchoo and a myriad of single-purpose blog posts, there wasn’t really an active dedicated Magento blog. So I set forward to create such a blog, with semi regular posts reviewing Magento functionality, books and community projects. Later on, much more focus was put on Magento 2 and its ongoing development.

Sadly, due to time constraints and loss of focus, posts were popping up less and less frequently. I am, therefore, very pleased to announce that Cloudways is willing to take over Magenticians and steer it into a direction which they deem fit. They have promised me it will not become a marketing channel for their services, but will keep the blog and branding intact. Whatever happens, all historic content will – unless otherwise noted – remain licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

I am therefore leaving Magenticians as the single owner and hopefully Cloudways will be able to steer Magenticians into the direction it belongs. Personally, I would like to thank – including but not limited to – Tim Bezhashvyly, Fabian Schmengler, Matthias Zeis and everyone else who directly or indirectly contributed to Magenticians – you are one awesome bunch.

What exactly the future will hold in store will probably become clear by future announcements of the new owners in the coming days. Until then, I hope that all of you can give the new owners a warm welcome because without any of you, Magenticians would have been nowhere.



Cropped header image (The long road home) by Trey Ratcliff / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0